The program’s mission is to provide advanced hunter education that increases hunter competence, ethical hunting behavior, private land access and knowledge of agriculture and land stewardship.

The goals of the program are:

  • To educate hunters about landowner issues and concerns related to hunter access, including but not limited to: respect for private property, appropriate use of ranch roads, understanding of the impacts of weeds, safety, impact of managing hunters/access on a landowner’s time, etc.
  • To educate hunters regarding the economics of ranching/farming and the impacts that wildlife, especially big game, have on the operation of a farm or ranch.
  • To increase hunter knowledge of all aspects of the hunt, including ethics, shooting skills, care of game, woodsmanship, first aid, survival skills, etc.
  • To build mutual respect and cooperation between landowners and sportsmen.
  • To increase the potential for better wildlife management opportunities for landowners and more quality land access opportunities for ethical hunters.
  • To create hunters who are role models for our youth and other hunters.

The goals of the program for 2018 are to implement a pilot Montana Master Hunter certification program which includes:

  • Developing and refining the subject matter and curriculum for the program.
  • Organizing the subject matter into a 40 hour course including both classroom instruction and field experiences.
  • Developing a syllabus for the course including content, dates, times and places where each instructional module will be taught.
  • Identifying and recruiting high quality instructors for each module of the course.
  • Identifying locations for the classroom instruction and field experiences, including specific instruction on competency with the weapon of the hunter’s choice.
  • Identifying cooperating private ranches and farms where certificated hunters will have access for hunting during fall 2018.
  • Developing an online hunter management and scheduling program designed to significantly reduce the time required for participating landowners to manage hunting on their properties.
  • Managing the hunting opportunities for certificated hunters during the fall 2018 hunting season.