This program offers applicants skills mastery combined with agriculture, conservation and stewardship education, and specialized ballistics and marksmanship training.

The goals of the program are:

  • To educate hunters about landowner issues and concerns related to hunter access, including but not limited to: respect for private property, appropriate use of ranch roads, understanding of the impacts of weeds, safety, impact of managing hunters/access on a landowner’s time, etc.
  • To educate hunters regarding the economics of ranching/farming and the impacts that wildlife, especially big game, have on the operation of a farm or ranch.
  • To increase hunter knowledge of all aspects of the hunt, including ethics, shooting skills, care of game, woodsmanship, first aid, survival skills, etc.
  • To build mutual respect and cooperation between landowners and sportsmen.
  • To increase the potential for better wildlife management opportunities for landowners and more quality land access opportunities for ethical hunters.
  • To create hunters who are role models for our youth and other hunters.