This program’s partner ranches are excited to host a group of thoughtful, skilled hunters who are dedicated to their craft. They are eager to share the challenges associated with agriculture and managing working lands, and they want to help foster an ethic of respect and stewardship in our course graduates.

If this sounds like you—a hunter who would like to invest in your knowledge and skill-set, while having the opportunity to prove yourself in the field hunting on private ranches—we hope you will consider applying for this first-of-its-kind course!

Students interested in applying for admission to this course may do so using the online application below. Applications will be received up until April 1, 2018. Students will be advised of acceptance into the course no later than April 10, 2018. Coursework begins on Saturday, April 28, 2018.

Eligibility for hunters who would like to enroll in the 2018 Montana Master Hunter program include:

  • A minimum age of 20 at the time of enrollment.
  • No violations of FWP or state trespassing laws within the last five years.
  • Verification of having a big game license in Montana for the last five years.
  • Only Montana resident hunters will be eligible for inclusion in the 2018 pilot implementation phase.
  • The course fee for the 2018 pilot course will be $200. A limited number of need-based scholarships may be available for qualifying candidates.
  • The pilot implementation phase will be limited to 30 hunters who are primarily rifle hunters. Bow hunters will be accommodated in future Montana Master Hunter certification courses.

Course Application

Applicant Name




How many years have you been a Montana resident?

How many big game animals have you harvested in the last 5 years? What species? If you have passed up on game you had tags for in that same timeframe, you are welcome to explain that as well. (500 character limit)


How many days did you spend in the field hunting big game last year (2017)?

Describe your big game hunting experience (species hunted, private vs. public land, type of access program used, etc.). Describe your percentage of private access vs. public and/or Block Management. (500 character limit)


Have you ever received any citations regarding hunting or other outdoor activities? If so, explain. (350 character limit)


You shot an elk. You are on private property and are 2 miles from your car and 4 miles from the ranch headquarters. It is 4 pm and raining. How will you handle retrieval? (900 character limit)


Explain your sense of the hunting access issue as it relates to private landowners. What is the role of a farmer/rancher in providing quality access? What are the responsibilities of the hunter to the private landowner and their land? (900 character limit)


How do you define hunting success? (900 character limit)


Explain how graduates from this course can help to advance the sport of big game hunting in the U.S. (900 character limit)


Why do you hunt? (900 character limit)


Why should we select you for this course? (900 character limit)