A farm or ranch agreement will be completed by One Montana staff for each landowner participating in the Montana Hunter Advancement Program.

This agreement will ultimately reflect each landowner’s specific expectations regarding access and hunt logistics. This will allow our Certified Master Hunters to access the landowner’s “ranch rules” and expectations prior to seeking a reservation to hunt/access the property.  Ranch rules will be posted on the Huntable.com reservation site where certified master hunters will make reservations to hunt on our cooperating properties. All specific rules will be defined to the landowner’s unique specifications and preferences.


Ranch, Farm or Property Name

Owner's Name



Cell Phone

Ranch Manager's Name



Cell Phone

Who is to be called for administrative questions?

Who is to be called for hunter management questions?

Emergency Contact

Emergency Phone

Game Management Unit(s)

Huntable species on this property

Season dates (FWP regulations) for each huntable species
Landowner controls the dates available for hunting access via the Huntable Hunter Reservation System

Special ranch rules related to huntable species

How many hunter days/species are allowed when ranch is open to hunting?

Will the landowner control the days available for hunting access per species via the Huntable Reservation System?

Will the landowner handle the hunting access/reservation process?

How many certified hunters are allowed on the property each day?

What are your ranch rules regarding non-hunters accompanying a certified hunter?

Is the ranch divided into hunting zones?

If the ranch is divided into hunting zones, please describe these zones and include their boundaries on a supplemental aerial map.

Access rules
Walk in onlyVehicle access on designated ranch roads

If vehicle access is allowed on designated ranch roads, please illustrate these roads on supplemental ranch aerial map.

Can ATV's or UTV's be used on designated ranch roads?

Can horses and mules be used on the ranch property?

Can llamas or pack goats be used on ranch property? (Unless otherwise noted by the landowner certified hunters bringing livestock to the property must use certified weed free hay.)


Are there designated parking areas for hunters?

If yes, please illustrate parking areas on a supplemental aerial map.

If there are no designated parking areas for hunters, where should certified hunters with reservations park on/near the property while hunting the property? Please describe or illustrate on a supplemental aerial map.

Is there a designated area on the property where certified hunters with reservations may camp overnight?

If yes, how many nights can one party camp and provide a supplemental aerial map?

We would like to provide our certified hunters who obtain reservations to hunt on your ranch property with a brief ranch history, crops/livestock raised, special conservation practices employed on the property or any other information the landowner/ranch manager would like the hunters to be aware of, please attach a file.

Unless specifically permitted by the landowner, certified hunters will be advised that campfires are not permitted on the property.
If yes, please provide campfire rules

Is there a fee required for certified hunters to hunt this property?

If yes, how much is the fee? $

How should it be paid? www.huntable.comReservationOther

If "Other" please clarify

If access to public lands via this property is provided by this agreement, certified hunters are required to stay on the trails and may not stray off the trails for any purpose. Hunting is not allowed from such trails.
If such access is provided, what are the landowners expectations for certified hunters using this access?

Certified hunters accessing any of the properties included in the Montana Hunter Advancement program must display a parking permit (provided at the time a hunting/access reservation is made) on the dash of their vehicle and provide their ALS number, telephone number, vehicle make, description and license number when they obtain reservations to hunt a MHAP property. This information will be provided to the landowner and the area FWP warden.

Access for MHAP properties may be obtained via reservations through the Huntable hunting access program. Payment, if required may be made through Huntable as well. Please visit: www.huntable.com

If access/reservations to hunt this property are to be administered other than via www.huntable.com, please describe.

Would you like help managing hunters with Common Ground staff or volunteers on site? YesNo

Are hunters required to check in at the ranch prior to hunting?
If yes, please describe check-in expectations

Are hunters required to check-out at the ranch after hunting?
If yes, please describe check-in expectations

Will a ranch orientation be available for prospective certified hunters to attend prior to hunting on the property?

If so, how will the ranch orientation be scheduled?

Hunter harvest reports and evaluations will be required after hunting any of the MHAP properties. These reports and evaluations will be provided to the landowner by the MHAP staff.

Does the landowner desire to have the MHAP hunters provide harvest information upon check-out at the ranch? YesNo

What other special ranch rules/expectations would the landowner like us to convey to our certified hunters?