We have an outstanding cadre of instructors for the Montana Hunter Advancement Program and are adding more as we refine the course.

Joshua Millspaugh
Professor of Wildlife Conservation University of Montana
Boone and Crockett Club

Keith Balfourd
Director Marketing
Boone and Crockett Club

Craig Jourdonnais
Big Game Researcher
MPG Ranch

George A. Bettas
Montana Hunter Advancement Project – Lead Instructor
One Montana

Everett Headley
Montana Hunter Advancement Project – Instructor
One Montana

Gary Olson
Montana FWP Biologist 
Region 3, Retired

Jeff Darrah
Montana FWP Warden Captain
Region 2, Retired

Jim Kropp
Montana FWP Chief of Law Enforcement

Scott Hibbard
Sieben Live Stock Company
One Montana Common Ground Board

Danielle Oyler
Education Coordinator
Southwest Montana Bear Education Working Group

Brad Bolte
USFS Law Enforcement Officer
Yellowstone Ranger District

Ryan Weiss
Public Access Specialist
Montana DNRC

Kaine Zetterberg
2018 Montana Hunter Advancement Graduate

Michael Yarnall, MS
2018 Montana Hunter Advancement Graduate

Jordan Harmon
Jason George
406 Precision
Sheridan, MT

Kevin Holland
Montana FWP Warden, Retired

Jason Kool
Montana FWP Hunting Access Coordinator

John Thornburg
Montana FWP, CWD Program Lead Technician

Kevin Rose
Montana FWP, Region 5, Wildlife Manager

Farming and Ranching Panelists
Ed and Bev Fryer, Retired Montana Ranchers
Jim Peterson, Peterson Ranch
Justin Iverson, Iverson Ranches
Whitney Tilt, West Creek/Mountain Sky Ranches
Joe Purcell, Purcell Ranch
Jennie Barr, Billy Creek Ranch
Aaron Paulson, Snowcrest Ranch
Lanie White, Mcfarland White Ranch
Jim Hagenbarth, Hagenbarth Ranches
John Hansen, Turner Ranches