Four long-time hound hunters who have run their dogs in pursuit of bear, mountain lion, bobcat for decades are now identified as poachers after they were convicted of crimes related to illegal lion hunting in Montana.  The four men were charged with Lacey Act violations in addition to other charges related to killing a mountain lion while hunting near Mosby, Montana.  The Lacey Act was applied to the case because the violators broke Montana laws and crossed from one state to another with their illegally taken lion.


Two of the men were ordered to pay fines of $5,000 each and, “as a condition of probation, a ban on hunting, trapping, running dogs or assisting and/or accompanying others who are engaged in hunting, trapping or running dogs worldwide for two years.”

One of the men was ordered to pay  $25,000 in fines and serve a three-year term of probation. the leader of the scheme was ordered to pay $30,000 in fines and serve a four-year term of probation. These two hunters also” lost the privilege to hunt, trap, run dogs or assist and/or accompany others engaged in hunting, trapping or running dogs worldwide.”

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